education   A form of   self-delusion.

Education in town. The literacy rate in Nasarpur is relatively low as compared to urban areas, but quality of education is gradually improving with high schools, private schools and specially after the establishment of the first College. Local government has taken some positive steps towards improving education standards in town to promote short-term and long-term training programs for individuals in various fields by conducting workshops and seminars.

PRIMARY EDUCATION: Primary school was established during 1857 and Mr. Oil Ram Lohan Was the first elected head master along with a team of various teachers including , Allah Dino Patoli, Aso Mal Bhatia, Qazi Abdul Rehman, Kundan Mal, Ahmad Khan Almani, Dhalo Mal Khtri, Haji Muhammad Varial Ghirana, Gul Muhammad Almani, Ameen Muhammad Almani, Qazi Allah Dino and Muhammad hashim Ghirana.

ENGLISH EDUCATION: English education system was initially adapted at Bungalow of Mirza Qurban Ali (late) by Topan Das, Haji Sahib Dino Memon, Dewan Alam Chnd and Dewan Khto Mal. During 1933 A joint venture and efforts taken by Muslim and Hindo scholars in order to established a Educational Society School, In recent days this building is known as High School Nasarpur. Initially school was supporting upto 6 Grade education under supervision of Sagwasi Topan Das. In 1946 with the collaboration of the local board the process of education had started and during that time the head master was Muhammad Moosa Memon. In 1954 the school upgraded up to middle education and Muhammad Daod Pandhiani was the head master. In 1961 this school became a high school and Qadir Shah Bukhari became the head master of the school.

GIRLS EDUCATION: Girls middle school was established with the efforts of Chairman Muhammad Baqar Almani (late) at Abra mohala Nasarpur. Later on Govt Girl high school was established in ward no 6.

GIRLS PRIMARY SCHOOL: Govt Girls Primary Community Model School Nasarpur. Madam Zareena Memon as Head Mistress along with 17 other teachers currently providing their services and school consists of 6 Classrooms.

Schools & Collages in Nasarpur: There are 27 Primary school for Boys, 4 Primary school for girls, 2 High Schools and 1 Government college.

Below is the list of Schools in town;

Number College Name Contact Info. Location
1 Govt: Co-Education College Nasarpur In process.... Nasarpur City

Number High School Name Contact Info. Location
1 Govt: (P) High School for Boys In process.... Nasarpur City
2 Govt: (P) High School for Girls .... Nasarpur City

Number Primary School Name Contact Info. Location
1 Memon mohalla school In process.... Ward. 3
2 Ossi memon mohalla school .... Ward. 3
3 Main Sindhi Urdu primary school .... Nasarpur City
4 Muahmmad Saleh Daoudpota School .... Ward. 3
5 Almadni School .... Near civil hospital
6 Tharo Bhano school .... Deh Nasarpur
7 Alam chutto school .... .
8 Hussain Bux lund School .... .
9 Mumtaz shah .... Village Hadi Bux Rind
10 Moj khan mahajr .... Moj khan
11 koat molvi Abdul Haq school .... Deh bhatki
12 Kamil koat School .... Khuda Bux Bhatti
13 Choudhary Barkat school .... Choudry Barkat
14 Mevo khan lashari school .... Nasarpur City
15 Ameen kakepota school .... .
16 Yousfani farm School .... Yousfani farm
17 Bago khan jtoi school .... choudry Barkat
18 Jando khan lagari school .... Jando khan lagari
19 Gul kakepota school .... Village kakepota
20 Sawan khan Mehsar school .... .
21 Sanaullah farm school .... Sanaullah farm
22 Naseer khan mari school .... .
23 Kaloo brohi school .... .
24 Anwar khan Nizamani school .... .
25 Alam Lakhmir school .... .
25 Alam Lakhmir school .... .
. Private School .... .
1 Isra high school Principal. 0332-3981440
Coordinator. 0333-2613221
Kazi Muhalla, Ward No:4
2 Bright future middle school .... .
3 Blue birds elementary school .... .
. NGO Supported School .... .
1 Isra school In process. .
2 Tharo shah bhano school .... .