Nasarpur   Baldiyati   Election  Year 2013-2014 & 15.

NASARPUR:  District TandoAllahyar, Sindh. [The purpose of this page is, to provide common awareness to people of city]. No one can deny the fact that Local Government system is the root of Democracy. In other words, Local Government System in Nasarpur is a factory of Political system that generates leaders for the future of the Nasarpur. This prepares the leader and representative for the challenges currently faced by city, provides better, competent and well aware politicians to the political system. Unfortunately in Nasarpur this system has never be left for growing due to the corrupt politicians and in result of this city has always been deprived of Democratic system. This is your best chance to elect the person who believes in city development, better education and health facilities and more chances of employment. Be honest with yourself!

One of the most critical ways that individuals can influence governmental decision-making is through voting. Democracy is not possible without the people vote. It is has been important since our government was founded and it always will be, as long as people do their duty by taking part in the single and easy process of registering to vote and voting.

Nasarpur city is still in the clutches of the grove problem like increasing law and order situation, poverty, lack of basic amenities, safe drinking water, poor sanitation system, moribund health facilities, food insecurity, agriculture backwardness and most important uncompetitive education system.

All these crises and issues raise rural and urban disparities and increase their suspicion about the denied of their fundamental rights. In this regard, Nasarpur city needs following feasible measures to reduce these disparities in order to construct and develop the city.

1. Education is the key factor to sustainable development and a benchmark to reduce disparities, so a significant role which address ghost school, ghost teachers and ghost student and introduce a new and innovative learning environment which uplift and empower city people to fight for the right.

2. In addition, poor sanitation system and moribund health facilities bring about many epidemic diseases like malaria, gastro patches and other water born disease which not only severally affects human but animal also. This will cause heavy losses, so as, the mud for an infrastructural development and the concept of model village can be materialized with collaboration of international & national NGOs and government respectively.

3. Backwardness of agriculture and the illiteracy of the farmers resulted low production crops yield which added fuel to the fire and make the stains unreasonable like food insecurity, poverty, and lack of opportunity. So the farmers training programs will be profitable in this regard. Increasing agriculture research projects and the role of local councils and districts governments to introduce micro employment plan to alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment are favorable steps.

4. Unemployed youth is the main cause of concern, and the ministry of youth affairs employment exchange department, social welfare department, zakat and usher department and sociology department of the universities must work together and recommend micro and macroeconomic, employment and poverty alleviation plan on the basis of their research and survey, so we utilize the zealous potential of city youth and make them a responsible and productive part of society.

In a nutshell, village aid program, small loan scheme, dole for disable and community welfare projects are the effective tool to reduce grievous disparities of Nasarpur.

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