(1840-1905)    Hazrat Misri Shah Imam Rizvi (R.A).

By: Haji. Ch. Ali Akbar Arain : Hazrat Misri Shah Imam Rizvi (1840-1905), also known as King of Kaafi (Poetry) was a saint and a sufi poet. Hazrat Missri Shah Imam Rizwi (R.A) also know as king of Kaffies live most of his Life in Nasarpur. The Mela Hazrat Saeen Misri Shah Imam (R.A) is a Sindhi Cultural Festival which compound of folk dances, music and entertainment for local people. He was a saint and a sufi poet. He was born in Nasarpur, Sindh and lived most of his life in Nasarpur after travelling throughout the world to spread the word of Islam and Sufism. His poetry is divided into Seven different languages, and most of them are in Sindhi. The others are Hindi, Persian and few others as well. The annual Urs of Syed Misri Shah takes place in Safar at Nasarpur, Sindh, Pakistan.

Shah Inayatullah Rizvi: Shah Inayatullah Rizvi used to live in the town of Nasaspur, and was a descendent of Syed Nasaruddin son of Syed Khairuddin Shah Bakhri. During the times of Shah Latif, he was old. He was a poet of great merit in the Sindhi language. His Rasala (the collection of his work) has been published. His shrine is in the town of Nasarpur. In the recent past the eminent poet, Misri Shah Sindhi came from his family.

Hazrat Misri Shah Jo Risalo