NASARPUR    Rains  Flood  2011

Ravages of Rain in City : Rain and floods have killed people, destroyed their homes and caused so many water-related diseases. According to reports, so far more than 300 people have been affected as a result of roof falling and electrocution. Also, 100 percent seasonal vegetable crop such as onion, tomato, chilies, etc, have been destroyed in addition to the 80 percent of cotton crop.

Movement launches relief work for flood-hit people

The relief programme for rain and flood victims was initiated by the people of city and city district government with a view to rescuing the affected people trapped in the different parts of city. We have faced these disasters in past years. Every next year it becomes worse. Crops and livestock destroyed, people die and left homeless.

"Please help people by any means necessary." ...

DSFRC- PMA Medical Camp Nasarpur (District Matiari): Sunday, September 18 2011

A free medical camp was set up in Nasarpur by DSFRC in collaboration with Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Sunday (September 18th, 2011):

Camp Location: Government co- education college, Nasarpur Patients from surrounding camps (Masjid school girls, masjid school boys, District govt library, Sindh ceramic center, govt primary school Memon mohalla) were attended at the stationary camp in the college.

Total Patients Attended: 568

Doctors on team:
Dr. Khalil Kazi (PMA, Sindh) Dr. Zubair Kazi
Mehak Qazi Raheel mehran Adnan Ali Khahro Murad Khan Arslan Mustafa
We are thankful to Dr. Zubair Kazi and his clinic staff and Ch. Ali Akbar Arain for facilitating us locally as well as hosting the teams.